Get the method straight

Get the method straight

Let's say your class has made or got hold of some instruments for measuring weather data. The gadgets may be the same as each other, they may be different. You need to have an opinion about this. What has to be the same for everyone is the method of working.

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Decisions, decisions

Your class must: discuss, agree on and design the reading and recording methods. You need to decide on and write a method that everyone will follow. This will take time, but is very important!

Each member of the class is like a weather computer; recording data, grouping and analysing it.

Think it through

Let's say your class is collecting wind speeds with an anemometer. Imagine that you want to get the truest collection of data for wind speeds over a period of 24 hours for an area of 1 kmĀ² using the anemometers which you will make.

You could place your instruments around the school grounds, around a park or in everyone's back gardens. Which is most effective?

Top tips for working with weather measurement instruments

  1. Work out whether the instruments need to be supported on a mount or hand held.
  2. Decide the location and position of the instruments.
  3. Plan how often you will read the instruments in a 24 hour period.
  4. Prepare the system for writing down your data
  5. Check the values have you given to the calibrations of your instruments and do what you can to make them consistent. If you need help converting measurements, use
  6. Think about how you are getting value out of using more than one instrument
  7. How can you increase the accuracy of each reading?
  8. What is the best way of combining your data?

Weather Data Experiment

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