Where do weather forecasts come from?

Let's just check those measurements...


The data that scientists collect to make weather forecasts is pretty much the same as when scientists started to study weather about three centuries ago. Luckily for us, the instruments for measuring have changed a lot. This has helped to make forecasts in 2011 more reliable and more detailed than three centuries ago.


Weather measuring instruments, taken from 'Table of Pneumaticks', published 1728


The improvements are also due to better weather data models which help us to use the measurements to predict future conditions more accurately. Welsh TV channel S4C uses a 1 kilometre resolution forecast. This means that it forecasts the weather for an area of 1 kilometre radius. This is the most accurate and detailed forecast available in the UK and you and your school can use it as part of the Weather Labs project! To find the weather for your area, go to Your Weather.

Have a look at Where do forecasters get data? to find out how meteorologists gather weather information.

Weather Data Experiment

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