Using online weather data

Thanks to the internet it is possible for you, the amateur scientist, to see an enormous range of detailed weather data without moving a metre! London Grid for Learning (LGFL) and others have set up monitoring stations at many UK schools. The monitoring stations look like this:

LGFL Weather Monitoring System

LGFL weather monitoring station showing 1) anemometer, 2) wind cups, 3) rain collector, 4) UV and solar sensors, 5) sensor interface module, 6) radiation shield (c) LGFL

The readouts of atmospheric conditions in real time are free to use online. The readout panel from a station at a LGFL connected school looks like this:

LGFL screengrab

A screen readout example from LGFL

To see real time reports and archived data from the network of school weather monitoring stations, and to find the nearest school weather station to you is, go to:

Some UK schools have made a speciality of working with weather. Check out Pitsford Hall school weather station to see just how far you can go.

You can use online weather data to take part in a nationwide experiment! Have a look at Use online weather data in Weather Labs to find out more.

Weather Data Experiment

weather Schools across the UK can report local weather to help improve forecast
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