Use online weather data in Weather Labs

Weather station on European Alps_92122225

Weather station on top of the European Alps

You don't have to go this far to check out our forecasts. Join in with Planet Science Weather Labs and find out if the weather forecast for your area is right!

Weather Labs is inviting schools across the UK to help to monitor the 1 kilometre forecasts that we have made available. The idea is that you compare the weather forecast with the actual observations that you make. You could do it in your own area or school using your own monitoring equipment. Or, using the LGFL weather monitoring feeds, you could do it for any area which is accurately monitored online.

You can get your 1 kilometre weather forecast and an automated data sheet on Planet Science Weather Labs to make it easy. See Take Part in Weather Labs for full instructions.

When you've taken part in the experiment you may find out that the data in the 1 kilometre forecasts can be improved. Or you may find they are spot on. Planet Science and Weather Labs want to hear from you. Let us know what you've found! Send your data to

Weather Data Experiment

weather Schools across the UK can report local weather to help improve forecast
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