The word "meteorology" is from Greek word metéōros, meaning "high in the sky", and  -logia, meaning "study". The Greeks believed that Zeus was the God of Weather and often showed him with a thunderbolt in his hand. Now we know that it's not Zeus who controls the weather. Lightning and all other observable weather events are explained by the science of meteorology.


Zeus, Greek God of Sky & Weather

Meteorology is something you're involved with every day - when you watch a weather forecast on TV, decide what clothes to wear on a morning and think about what you're doing on a weekend.

Get involved! Use Planet Science's unique forecast data to take part in our nationwide Weather Labs experiment. Find out how accurate the weather forecast is in your area - you and your class can contribute to our understanding of weather.

To find out more about weather and forecasts, check out:

Weather Data Experiment

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