What does Erin put in her forecast?

What are the most important things to put in your weather forecast? Here are Erin's top tips.

Erin Roberts presenting S4C weather (2)

Erin Roberts presents weather for S4C using the same forecasting data as Weather Labs

Will it rain?

Research shows that people are first and foremost interested in whether it's going to rain or not, so don't make them wait! A fall in air pressure usually means that rain isn't far away. Your data gives you the opportunity to be accurate - what time are they going to need their brollies?


Humans are not great thermometers. Very few can guess the temperature accurately. Have a go yourself! We all feel temperatures differently depending on a range of factors that include our health, the clothes we are wearing, levels of humidity and so on.

Here is where you need to make the temperature data come alive. Compare current temperatures with seasonal averages or with the previous day - people like to know whether it's warmer or colder than it has been or than it should be. Check out the UK monthly averages for your region here:

Wind direction and speed

Think about wind direction and speed. Temperature is pretty much reliant on wind direction in the UK. Consider if the wind is coming from a colder direction or whether warmer air is moving in. This gives clues as to how the weather is likely to change over the coming hours and days. Southerly winds bring us warmer weather while northerly winds are colder. Westerly winds tend to bring wet conditions while easterlies tend to bring drier spells. Your wind data will be expressed in degrees so you will need to calculate the angles, assuming that 0ยบ is north.

Lastly, don't make your forecast too long. Research shows that the average attention span tends to dwindle at around 54 seconds when listening to the weather forecast! Practice out loud on your friends before recording and listen to their feedback. Make it as entertaining, as memorable and as local as you can. Good luck and let us know at Planet Science how you got on! If your podcast is really good, we will put it up on the site.

Just to give you an idea, your forecast might sound a little like this when you're done:

"Good morning...hope you're up and ready for the day because it's going to be a good one, another dry and fine day in Swansea! The air pressure is up on yesterday bringing us clearer skies. Any clouds we have at the moment are likely to clear around midday and with those light 10mph winds still coming from the south it's going to be warm again.

We are expecting highs of around 23 Celsius in the City Centre this afternoon, well above the seasonal average but a degree or two lower in the surrounding areas. Temperatures will fall a little overnight but it will remain warm and humid with lows of around 15 Celsius, another uncomfortable night on the way. But make the most of it, it's not going to last. Rain is on the way early tomorrow, the first showers are likely to hit the city at around 9am. These could be prolonged and heavy by mid-afternoon and be accompanied by a significant dip in temperature. We will be back to the seasonal average with highs at around 18C tomorrow. Not looking too promising for Swansea City's match, it's likely to stay cloudy and rather wet."

Weather Data Experiment

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