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Hi, I'm Erin Roberts and it's my job to produce forecasts from similar data to yours everyday for TV channel S4C.

I'm here on Weather Labs to help you become a weather forecaster - also known as a broadcast meteorologist.  It's great to understand the weather, but it's even better if you can help your family, friends and school by telling them what the forecast is - and getting it right, of course.

How do I do that?

The weather dictates what you wear in the morning and affects everything from sporting fixtures to airline flights. As a result, getting the message across to the public as accurately as possible is a big business. A broadcast meteorologist like me has the job of turning the raw weather data into accurate, reliable and entertaining weather forecasts for broadcast on TV, radio or online.

The data Weather Labs gives you is accurate to a radius of 1 kilometre and is updated every two hours. This is an incredible tool for any forecaster and will allow your forecasting to be more accurate and up to the minute than we have ever been able to be in the UK before.

It is up to you how you will use the data you have. Here are some ideas for you to try - I'll show you how to turn your data into broadcast material!

You could make a podcast and record your forecast as an mp3 file to send around the web. Or you could create an RSS feed of our 1 km forecast for any website. How about taking over your local radio station and getting on the airwaves with your forecast?

Tell Planet Science what you do with your weather forecast! Email

Weather Data Experiment

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