Make a weather podcast

A podcast is just a sound recording that you post on the web. Check out for all the instructions on how to do it. It's very straightforward.


Podcast your forecast

Before starting to record, you need your weather script. These are some of the issues I think about when I'm putting my scripts together:

  • Decide on a specific area. Weather Labs data allows you to pinpoint your forecast to a radius of 1 kilometre. You can pick a town or village in your area or even create a forecast specific to your school.
  • Remember that the WeatherLabs data is updated every two hours. This means that you can be incredibly accurate with your forecast and tell your audience how the weather is going to change at two hourly intervals throughout the day!
  • Consider all the data you have carefully, one piece at a time. Which pieces of data are most important that day to tell the weather story?

Have a look at what I put in my weather forecast.

Weather Data Experiment

weather Schools across the UK can report local weather to help improve forecast
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