Planet Science Xtra - WeatherLabs

Weather Labs has two challenges for you.

Can you help us check the accuracy of the weather forecast?

We are calling on all school scientists to get out some kit and start checking the forecasts in their local area. Whatever you find will help weathermen to improve the science of forecasting.

Can you become a weather broadcaster?

Communicating a complex story full of data, like the weather, is what scientists do every day. Weather Labs wants you to get talking. You have a story to tell that everyone will want to know.

Weather Labs is CREST Star accredited! To find out how you can earn a CREST Star, go to Weather Labs CREST Star Investigators.

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Erin, weather forecaster

To get you started, we've got all you need to know about measuring weather, using your own tools or the web. There are videos, podcasts and experiments. Have fun and do get wet.


Take part in Weather Labs
Weather Labs - a nationwide experiment.
Make a podcast
Get your weather forecast on the internet.
Test the weather forecast
Make your own weather instruments.

Weather Data Experiment

weather Schools across the UK can report local weather to help improve forecast
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